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Copper Neti Ayurveda Jal

Rs 545.00 Rs 399.00

Neti Jal Pot
1. Product – Neti Pot
2. Capacity – 200 ML
3. Weight – 100 grams
4. Material – Pure Copper

1. The Neti Pot is a tool to practise Neti (Jalaneti- Saline Nasal Irrigation).
2. It is perfect tool to manage sinus related problems, common cold etc.
3. This pot is scientifically designed after research by jala neti experts and teachers across the world.
4. Every pot is hand crafted and tested to create that exclusivity and user-friendly features.
5. It is sufficiently large to hold enough water for your entire practice.
6. It is light weight. It has an optimum size tapered conical tip at the spout end, which facilitates support on the nostril walls of varying sizes.


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